The top 5 cheapest cities in Montana

Montana, known for its breathtaking landscapes and charming small towns, also offers surprising affordability. Exploring five of its most cost-effective cities reveals a variety of vibrant communities each with unique appeal.

1. Billings: As Montana’s largest city, Billings boasts a population of approximately 106,000 and provides ample access to outdoor recreation. Its residents enjoy a balanced cost of living, with a median home value of $185,900 and a median household income of $49,265.

2. Great Falls: Often likened to a “cowboy version of Mayberry,” Great Falls thrives on its small-town charm at the confluence of the Missouri and Sun rivers. Living here is achievable for many, with a median household income of $43,374 and a median home value of $158,900.

3. Kalispell: Balancing affordability with a flourishing food and beverage scene, Kalispell presents an attractive option. The city’s median home price of $187,500 and median household income of $40,511 allow residents to embrace the pleasures of local establishments like Kalispell Brewing Co. and 406 Bar & Grill, while indulging in sweet treats at the renowned downtown ice cream parlor, Sweet Peaks.

4. Bozeman: Home to Montana State University and its vibrant student body, Bozeman exudes a dynamic college-town atmosphere. While the median home price of $256,300 surpasses the state average, the city’s median household income of $46,422 ensures homeownership remains a realistic possibility for many. With this financial security, residents can fully enjoy the abundance of activities and attractions Bozeman offers.

5. Helena: Montana’s capital city, Helena, boasts a rich history dating back to 1864 with the discovery of gold in Last Chance Gulch. Affordability remains a defining characteristic, with a median household income of $50,311 – the highest on this list – and a median home value of $201,000.