The 5 cheapest cities in Delaware

Delaware, despite being the second-smallest state in the nation, offers a plethora of experiences within its compact borders. This tax-free state boasts charming countryside vistas, expansive stretches of pristine beaches, and captivating historical towns and cities. Visitors can engage in unique activities amidst captivating landscapes that showcase a rich tapestry of historic architecture.

Milford: This charming, historical town in eastern Delaware boasts a median household income of $47,824 and offers a unique, affordable living experience. With no chain restaurants in the downtown area, Milford prioritizes local, authentic businesses and provides residents with genuine daily encounters.

Middletown: As the most affordable city in Delaware with a median household income of $65,572, Middletown caters to nature enthusiasts, foodies, and adventure seekers. Budget-conscious individuals can enjoy coastal beauty, diverse entertainment options (including live performances at the Everett Theatre), fresh produce at Filasky’s Produce, and peaceful relaxation at Charles E. Price Memorial Park.

Dover: The state capital, Dover, offers a vibrant atmosphere with a median household income of $47,669. Residents enjoy picturesque landscapes at Killens Pond State Park, unique shopping experiences at Spence’s Bazaar (the oldest flea market in Delaware), and delectable coffee at House of Coffi. Dover presents a diverse array of attractions for its residents.

Newark: Nestled amidst numerous parks, restaurants, and aromatic coffee shops, Newark provides a tranquil suburban lifestyle while offering opportunities for nature escapes. The city boasts a median household income of $58,434. White Clay Creek State Park, a local favorite, offers scenic hiking, picnic areas, and bird watching opportunities. More adventurous residents can embark on weekend mountain biking excursions.

Smyrna: Renowned for its artistic flair, Smyrna attracts art enthusiasts with its abundance of galleries, performing arts venues, and live music events. With a median household income of $67,277, the city presents diverse culinary experiences with excellent restaurants and breweries. Cultural immersion is possible through historical sites and educational attractions.