The 8 coldest towns to live in when visiting Alaska

Alaska is known as the coldest state in the USA. If you’ve ever visited then you’ll know why. Not only this but it can also get incredibly dark during the winter months. Combined with beautiful scenery, this can be seen as a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective. Here are the coldest towns in Alaska.

Barrow: America’s northernmost community, bathed in darkness for 65 winter days annually, might surprise you with its 4,000-strong population. This largest city in the North Slope Borough endures frigid temperatures, a testament to human resilience.

Coldfoot: Aptly named, this settlement holds the record for the coldest Alaskan temperature (-74°F). Despite their bravado, only around 10 residents permanently call this chilly haven home, many visiting to witness the dazzling Aurora Borealis.

Deadhorse: Situated within the North Slope Borough, Deadhorse houses a small community (25-50 residents) accustomed to average temperatures of 12°F. This frontier town witnessed a record low of -62°F, further demonstrating its frigid reality.

Prudhoe Bay: Often referred to as “Slopersville,” this industrial hub demands a rugged lifestyle. Workers grapple with harsh conditions, enduring average temperatures below 5°F within the Arctic Circle’s unforgiving embrace.

Chicken: During winter, this gold prospecting town transforms into a near-ghost town due to its extreme temperatures and impassable roads. The record low of -72°F serves as a stark reminder of its winter severity.

Umiat: This remote Arctic Circle town on the Colville River houses only temporary workers due to its harsh environment. Frequent winter storms and temperatures dipping below -10°F for extended periods define the challenging Alaskan existence.

Fairbanks: Alaska’s “Golden Heart City” boasts a remarkable population of 100,000, braving average temperatures far below freezing. The record low of -66°F showcases the fortitude of its residents.

Eagle: Charm abounds in this Yukon River town, though winters pose a formidable challenge. The record low of -70°F underscores the demanding aspects of life in this picturesque Alaskan location.