S’wich Social permanently closes down – And will be replaced by another ice cream parlor

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Unbeknown to many, S’wich Social has permanently closed its doors for good. Located at Italian Village at 4th and 1st, the ice cream parlors signage has since been completely removed with the shop interiors also being covered up as well. Since then, a new poster has emerged on the front door. This reads: ‘Johnson’s, now hiring’ which is accompanied by an image of an ice cream.

News of the closure was not made public by S’wich Social who had previously not updated their social media pages in years. Although Johnson’s is also an ice cream shop, it looks like the two are completely unrelated as it was first founded in 1950 and has three other locations based in Ohio. Based on the image on the poster, it looks as though the new tenant will serve traditional ice cream, as opposed to the quirky sandwich creations served by S’wich.

Known for its different and creative ice cream sandwiches, S’wich Social fast become a local favorite for sweet treats and delicious desserts. Their menu featured a variety of cookies, ice cream flavors, and toppings, allowing customers to create their own custom ice cream sandwiches. S’wich Social first opened its doors to the sweet-toothed public in October 2020.

Although an exact date has not yet been given, the new poster claims that Johnson’s will be opening in Spring 2024.