Astoria set for a new sandwich shop with a very unusual name

ASTORIA, New York – Over the years, Astoria has seen countless fast food spots come and go. It looks as though the latest addition to the neighborhood is a sandwich shop called Filthy Flats. According to its signage, this is ‘home of the open face sandwich’ which sounds almost as interesting as the venue’s name.

The shop is set to be located on the corner of 30th Ave/31st St which means Filthy Flats will face plenty of local competition. Within a few seconds of walking distance, you will find two established eateries with The Coffee Pot and Between The Bagel. Nonetheless, this is nothing new as far as Astoria is concerned which has long been a stomping ground for fast-casual eateries trying to claim their territory.

As of right now, there is very little information regarding the opening of this new venture. However, the signage is literally days old, and looking at the building, it appears as though internal renovations are still ongoing. Based on this, it could open within months as typically, restaurant renovations can take time to finish.

Whether Filthy Flats will go on to make a permanent mark on the Astoria food scene remains to be seen. However, you have to admit that its name is unique and if that’s anything to go by, we can hope that the food is equally as unusual.