New Sushi spot opens in San Jose

SAN JOSE, CA – A new sushi spot has just opened at 3116 Alum Rock Ave and has so far been praised by customers who have eaten there. Named Sushi Town, this neighbor’s Peter’s bakery. As you would expect, this eatery offers dishes such as meat teriyaki tempura rolls, soups, rolls, and of course, lots of sushi. Prices are reasonable too, with the lunch bento special coming in at $8.95.

This is not to be confused with Old Town Sushi in San Mateo, albeit the menus are very alike. Whether this is owned by the same people is not known. Nonetheless, based on the reviews, so far it looks like this standalone restaurant has done well based on reviews.

Over the years, San Jose has become a hotspot for sushi and Japanese restaurants and boasts an impressive array of sushi spots, offering a variety for Japanese food lovers. This could be a good or a bad thing for Sushi Town in terms of competition but also hints that San Jose and the Bay Area is the ideal spot in terms of attracting customers.

Sushi Town is open from 11: 30 AM – 9 PM every day except on Tuesdays when it is closed. Its full menu can be found here.