City of Santa Cruz publishes flyers advising against sleeping in dumpsters

SANTA CRUZ, CA – The City of Santa Cruz recently dispersed flyers advising locals against sleeping in dumpsters. These were posted around the city and explicitly warned residents against doing so. The reason for this was based on safety, as sleeping in dumpsters can be fatal when containers are serviced.

Sadly, the USA has witnessed a rise in recent years of people sleeping in dumpsters as part of the ongoing homeless crisis. In some extreme cases, this can lead to death if they are unknowingly dumped into trash contractors. This last happened in Santa Cruz back in 2011, however it is believed that this recent behavior is what has prompted the City of Santa Cruz to release the flyers to warn about the potential dangers.


Photographs of the flyers were shared on the website Reddit where the user who uploaded the image claimed to have spotted the photo at Santa Cruz Health Center on Emeline. This prompted other users to give their own opinions on this dangerous trend, with many claiming that it was a sad situation when an individual would be desperate enough to seek refuge in a dumpster.

Aside from these physical flyers, the city has yet to comment on those who choose to sleep in dumpsters.