New Pizzeria and Bagel shop opens in Jersey City Heights

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – This week, Park Avenue Pizza and Bagels opened on 3515 Kennedy Blvd near South and as the name suggests, this eatery specializes in two East Coast delicacies, pizza, and bagels. According to the owner, this venue has no link to the previous owner and will offer a wide-ranging menu.

This includes halal NYC-style bagels which are said to be dense and chewy, vegan options, muffins, croissants, desserts, gyros, and a number of appetizers such as chicken wings. Like many spots in the area, it will also be open 24/7, another positive for those wanting a late-night snack.


Over the years, this particular spot has housed various fast-food eateries including Kay’s Spring Garden which was a Chinese restaurant, as well as another Italian venue named Fontianni’s which specialized in pizza. Located nearby, the area also has established such as NYC gyros and The Indian Tiffin Services.

At the same time, the choice to opt for Italian cuisine is deeply rooted in the local culture of Jersey City, with many families tracing their roots back to Italy. This rich heritage has likely contributed to the prevalence of Italian eateries in the city, as they serve as a tasty representation of the community’s cultural heritage.

Based on this, it’s fair to say that the landscape for a new pizzeria may be a welcoming one. Nonetheless, as this same venue has previously had unsuccessful occupants come and go, it may not be an easy road.