New legal dispensary opens in Steinway, Astoria

ASTORIA, New York – Astoria has a new marijuana dispensary which is named Urban Weeds, and is located at 31-35 Stenway Street. This establishment offers a variety of cannabis-based items including apparel, wax, vape pens, drinks, edibles, flowers, preroll, tropicals, and tincture among other similar products as well as quarters priced at $90.

The opening of this establishment has been in the works for some time, after successfully getting a license back in late March of last year. This follows a growing trend of legal dispensaries popping up throughout Astoria which seems to have become a hotspot for legal marijuana in recent times.

This is largely a result of changes in local and state laws regarding the use and sale of cannabis. In New York City, cannabis for recreational use was legalized in March 2021, leading to a surge of interest and investment in the market. Moreover, Astoria’s prime location in the heart of Queens makes it a convenient destination for both locals and visitors seeking high-quality cannabis products. As the market matures and more dispensaries open, competition has driven prices down and quality up, further fueling the demand for dispensaries in Astoria and the surrounding areas.

Whether this trend will prove to be a long-term business remains to be seen. For now at least, the likes of Urban Weeds and others believe that the dispensary revolution is only the beginning.