Halo Tower makes progress and is set to be Newark’s second-highest building

NEWARK, New Jersey – Newark’s upcoming Halo building is well underway and looks set to be on track for its debut towards the end of the year. A recently taken photo has shown its current status, including cladding being applied to the bottom of the tower. However, there is still notable work to do toward the top of the building.

According to sources, this building will cost $90 million to build and will provide 297 units, with 30 of them being affordable housing units. Although this will make it Newark’s second-tallest building, the top spot is still reserved for the iconic National Newark building that has held its crown since 1931.

Interestingly, the Halo building was originally meant to be taller and had its height reduced from 485ft to 454ft. Had these original plans been maintained then it would have been the city’s largest building. However, planning had other ideas.

Designed with a unique architectural style, this impressive structure will stand at a towering 38 stories high and feature a mix of residential, retail, and office spaces, as well as a publicly accessible observation deck that will provide breathtaking views of Newark and the surrounding area. The Halo Tower is expected to be completed by winter 2024, bringing with it a wealth of opportunities for both residents and visitors alike.