New Elevation Church location set to open in Columbia

COLUMBIA, South Carolina – A new Elevation Church building is set to open in Columbia. News of its impending opening was seen via a billboard that displayed the text, ‘Elevation church coming soon!’ This was shown outside of the Spotlight Cinema building on St Andrews Rd.

Although the location of the church has not yet been confirmed, it could potentially use the Spotlight Cinema building which closed in December of last year. From a logistical standpoint, this would provide a large enough space for a church and is similar from an architectural perspective. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

The Elevation Church was founded in North Carolina by its charismatic lead pastor, Steven Furtick, who, along with seven other families from the Christ Covenant Church in Shelby. This thriving church community has its roots in a church plant that was originally sponsored by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

According to recent data from the year 2023, it has been reported that The Elevation Church attracts a sizable weekly congregation, with attendance regularly reaching an impressive figure of 14,000 individuals. This speaks to the significant impact and appeal of this church community, as evidenced by its ability to draw such a substantial gathering of worshipers on a consistent basis.

Additionally, The Elevation Church has established a widespread presence, boasting an extensive network of 20 distinct locations spread across various locales. At this point in time it is not known when its Columbia branch will open. However, based on the signage it should be open at some point later in the year.