Public backlash as Hamilton County announces rezoning over 800 acres of McDonald Farm for manufacturing use

CHATTANOOGA, TN – This week, the potential rezoning of McDonald Farm will be discussed by the Chattanooga town hall which could see 800 acres of wildlife be turned into manufacturing. The event is set to take place at Sale Creek Middle/High School on January 23rd at 6 PM at 211 Patterson Road, Sale Creek, TN 37373. Due to the size of the land, this could have a huge impact on the area and its environment.

Here, Hamilton County has put forth a proposal to rezone a sizeable tract of land, amounting to over 800 acres of the McDonald Farm, for the purpose of converting it to a designated Manufacturing zone. This proposal envisions the construction of several expansive structures, with each building potentially reaching up to 1 million square feet in size.


Notably, the area in question is situated in close proximity to two significant natural landmarks: the expansive Cumberland Trail, which spans a considerable length of 300 miles, and the substantial Audubon Mountain, which encompasses a substantial area of 460 acres. This area is characterized by the presence of various bodies of water, including streams and a pond, as well as a heavily forested hillside.

This proposed site for manufacturing activities also serves as a vital habitat for a diverse array of wildlife species, including a range of avian creatures such as sandhill cranes, hawks, and ospreys, as well as mammals like otters, deer, foxes, and coyotes.

Responding on Facebook, the Chattanooga Audubon Society gave a statement that urged locals to attend the meeting and denounce the proposal on the grounds of protecting the local environment. Overall, this post gained over 700 comments in support of preserving the farm. More details will emerge after January 23rd.