Crumbl Cookie permanently closes Bellevue store

Nashville, TN – As of last week, Crumbl Cookie’s Bellevue location has permanently closed. The closure of this once-popular cookie shop was kept relatively quickly. Here, the shop shuttered its doors and changed its Google profile to ‘permanently closed’. Aside from this, there was no other information given surrounding the reason for its closure. However, due to the corporate nature of the eatery, it is assumed that its closure was financially motivated.

Crumbl Cookie is a popular gourmet cookie chain that originated in 2017 in Utah and has been rapidly expanding across the United States, including the Nashville area. As of this week, the city is home to three Crumbl Cookie locations, each serving its famous assortment of made-from-scratch cookies. Both stores offer the same weekly rotation of unique and traditional cookie flavors that Crumbl is known for.

The staples typically include Chocolate Chip, the OG Crumbl classic; Sugar, a simple, yet delicious cookie that’s got a slight crunch; Milk Chocolate Chip, which is the perfect combination of sweet and salty; and a mystery flavor that changes weekly and is only revealed once you order.

As of right now, it is currently not known what will replace the Bellevue location. Previously, the location was occupied by Elm and also shared its premesis with Uncle Classic Barbershop which has been a permanent fixture at the address for many years.