New Restaurant set to open Sugarhouse location

Salt Lake City, UT – A new restaurant is set to open a location in Sugarhouse. This is situated off McClelland Street and is taking over the spot previously used by Feast Box. As seen by the image and title of this establishment, it looks like the theme will be based on serving spicy food. This is because the name is literally called Scovilles, which also says ‘Bring the heat’, alongside pictures of hot peppers. Unfortunately, there is little else to go on at this point but so far, locals have speculated that it could serve hot chicken.

News of the restaurant first surfaced on Reddit where the photo emerged. This prompted the Scovilles owner to talk about their upcoming project and they said it would be ready in under 6 months time due to the renovations needed to be implemented to the interior of the establishment.

Here, an account named Scovilles wrote: ‘I am the owner, many of you have probably met me or been to one of my previous businesses. For about 10 years I owned and ran a very well-known wing company in town (I’m sure you can guess). After being wrapped up in an ongoing legal battle with my old partner for the last year I have decided to do my own thing. I’m very excited to share a bunch of new ideas and improvements to what I have already done, along with a sexy new bar. I’m crossing my fingers to be open in a couple of months and am so excited to be a part of the community of Sugar House again. Stay tuned and thanks for the shout-out! Because of the legal stuff, I have kept things pretty quiet but it sounds like it is now to push this baby into the light!’

If this venue does serve chicken then it will face stiff competition. This is because the area already has a Buffalo Wild Wings and Trolley Wings within walking distance. Nonetheless, for Salt Lake City chicken lovers its arrival will be greeted as good news.