Amazon sellers found shipping alkaline batteries to Amazon despite strict laws

HAWAII, HI – This week, a Hawaiian resident took to the internet to boast about ordering alkaline batteries from Amazon. To mainlanders, this may not sound like a big deal. However, to Hawaiians, this is a much bigger deal. The reason behind this is that historically, it has been a logistical problem due to red tape and strict importing rules.

Speaking on Reddit, the user posted a screenshot showing that the batteries had been dispatched and were on their way. Responding to this, another user wrote: ‘I ordered a lithium battery a few weeks ago. You have to find a vendor that will be on Amazon. Also, other batteries might take a while but some will ship.’


In short, it turns out that this probably isn’t legal for certain merchants and could result in getting banned from Amazon. Nonetheless, for now at least, it looks as though certain Hawaiian residents are more than happy to take advantage of this newly found loophole.

Shipping alkaline batteries from the mainland to Hawaii can be a complicated and challenging process due to a number of factors. For starters, there are strict safety regulations in place to ensure the safety of the shipment, as batteries can pose a fire or explosion risk if not handled properly. Additionally, many carriers, such as UPS, have restrictions on shipping batteries between the continental U.S. and Hawaii due to the difficulty of transporting hazardous materials over long distances.

As a result, there are fewer shipping options available, which leads to less competition and higher prices for shipping to Hawaii, making it more difficult to obtain batteries there. Although it may seem frustrating, it’s important to keep in mind the safety and logistics involved in shipping such materials.