Gigantic 20,000 Sq Ft Soundstage Opens In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On February 7th, 2024, Brooklyn welcomes the debut of JACK Studios in Williamsburg, marking the expansion of the company’s renowned creative facilities with a new, cutting-edge soundstage. This addition complements the eight iconic studios located at the Chelsea headquarters, which is also observing its 30th anniversary this year.

Spanning 20,000 square feet, this facility stands as the latest and most sophisticated soundstage in New York, designed for versatile use. It serves as a comprehensive solution for film, photography, and event projects.

Equipped with advanced features, JACK Studios in Williamsburg includes a drive-in studio and soundstage, exclusive VIP entries, secluded areas, green rooms, a celebrity dressing area, 10 restrooms, showers, an outdoor relaxation area, a kitchen, a café/bar, an on-site set construction shop, premium in-house gear, a conference space, extensive parking, and facilities for production and post-production tasks.

Highlighting top-of-the-line technology and a flexible layout, JACK Studios in Williamsburg focuses on exceptional quality across all aspects. It introduces significant advancements in hospitality, environmental sustainability, and secure, VIP-friendly settings, ensuring a premium experience for both talent and creative professionals.

The design of every component at JACK Studios in Williamsburg reflects Roy Schwalbach’s extensive background in blending elegant minimalism with practical features for the creative sector.

Moreover, the studios are set to serve as a venue for entertainment, hosting both public and exclusive events, creating a vibrant hub for New York’s artistic circles to connect and engage with industry leaders.

The launch is celebrated with a by-invitation-only VIP event on the evening of February 7th, featuring exquisite cuisine and beverages from esteemed providers such as Lemons and Olives, Doughnut Plant, Norman Love Confections, and Ripe Bar Juice.