New Luxury Glamping Campsite Opens 45 Miles East Of Portland

Skamania Lodge, situated in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, is excited to unveil its eagerly awaited glamping experience. This new addition allows visitors to enjoy the great outdoors with all the comforts and luxuries one might find in a high-end hotel, set amidst the stunning landscape of the Pacific Northwest. This glamping initiative is a part of the Lodge’s expanding Treehouse Village offerings, offering a unique blend of nature and opulence.

The launch of glamping at Skamania Lodge comes at a time when unique and authentic travel experiences are highly sought after. The accommodations seamlessly combine the rustic charm of traditional camping with the plush amenities of an upscale resort. Each tent offers a tranquil haven, boasting rustic chic decor, for those looking to escape the daily grind.

Jack Hansen, the lodge’s Director of Sales & Marketing, shares their enthusiasm about providing a luxurious outdoor experience that meets the increasing interest in adventurous yet comfortable outdoor stays. “We’re thrilled to offer guests the chance to relax amidst nature, with all the high-quality amenities and services that define Skamania Lodge,” he stated.

Skamania’s glamping tents cater to various preferences, from outdoor adventurers and travelers to those seeking a luxurious retreat amidst nature. Guests will be greeted each morning with the sight of the Cascade Mountains, the sounds of nature, and the tranquility of the forest, ensuring a sensory-rich experience. Evening brings cozy moments by the fire with treats and stories, while days offer opportunities for rejuvenation through nature-focused activities or relaxation.

For those who love the outdoors but not the idea of “roughing it,” Skamania’s glamping provides an elegant solution. The tents, close to both the trailhead and the lodge itself, offer a seamless transition from adventure to relaxation, with spa treatments and fine dining awaiting at the lodge.

Upon arrival at their forest suite, guests will discover a plush sleeping area, a separate bath tent with modern amenities, a coffee and hot chocolate station, and a private firepit area, among other luxurious touches. The tents feature king-sized beds with premium bedding, ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep under the stars, sheltered from the elements.