The 7 Poorest Cities & Towns In Colorado

Colorado, like many other states in the US, is a state of contrasts. While it is often lauded for its natural beauty, outdoor opportunities, and robust economy, the truth is that Colorado is not immune to the socioeconomic inequalities that plague many parts of the country.

This article examines several Colorado communities facing complex socioeconomic challenges. The data reveals concerning trends within these areas, including low median household income, high poverty rates, and limited job opportunities.

Lamar: Despite relatively affordable housing, this city of 7,667 individuals grapples with the 4th lowest median income and the 3rd highest poverty rate in Colorado. This combination poses significant hardships for the population.

La Junta: While boasting the highest poverty rate within the state, La Junta exhibits a slightly lower unemployment rate compared to other locations on this list. However, the 6th lowest median household income remains a significant concern.

Delta: Ranking third in terms of poverty, Delta showcases a substantial jump in economic disparity compared to the previous two entries. Though the cost of living mitigates income limitations to some extent, the 2nd lowest median income paints a concerning picture.

Trinidad: Characterized by the 3rd lowest median income and the 7th highest poverty rate, Trinidad faces considerable socioeconomic challenges. However, the city’s cultural diversity offers a valuable aspect to acknowledge.

Pueblo: Though the 8th lowest median income within the state might suggest a dire situation, Pueblo benefits from an exceptionally low cost of living, contributing to the 5th highest poverty rate instead of potentially higher rankings. Nonetheless, the situation requires closer examination.

Federal Heights: Ranking as the 12th lowest for median income and 10th highest for poverty rate, Federal Heights presents another example of economic hardships faced by certain Colorado communities.

Craig: With a population of 9,013, Craig falls within the bottom 20% for both median income and poverty rate, further highlighting the diverse economic struggles affecting different areas of the state.