The 7 most beautiful lakes in Ohio

Within the esteemed Buckeye State, a day spent at a cherished lake offers unparalleled enjoyment. To facilitate your aquatic exploration, we present a curated list of ten esteemed lakes within Ohio. Notably, several of these captivating bodies of water lie conveniently within a one-hour drive, or even closer, depending on your location.

1. Rose Lake (Hocking County): Nestled beside the esteemed Old Man’s Cave hiking destination, the serenely named Rose Lake (locally known as the Hocking Hills Reservoir) beckons with tranquility. This idyllic haven provides the perfect setting for a peaceful canoe or kayak adventure.

2. Mosquito Lake (Trumbull County): Embracing tranquility amidst northeast Ohio, this expansive reservoir beckons with opportunities for peaceful boating, rewarding fishing, and quality family time. Spanning an impressive 7,000 acres, Mosquito Lake State Park invites visitors to camp or rent a yurt for an unforgettable weekend escape.

3. Indian Lake (Lakeview): Within the scenic Indian Lake State Park, campers revel in direct access to the water’s edge, facilitating a multitude of aquatic activities. This manmade jewel, encompassing 5,000 acres, boasts two designated swimming areas: Old Field Beach and Fox Island Beach.

4. Rocky Fork Lake (Hillsboro): Nestled within the picturesque Rocky Fork State Park, this captivating lake promises an exceptional summer day trip. Encompassing 2,080 acres, the lake features two expansive public beaches. Anglers delight in the abundance of bass, bluegill, crappie, saugeye, white bass, and catfish inhabiting its depths.

5. Silver Lake (New Paris): Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio, harbors a hidden gem – a magnificent, spring-fed lake. This exquisite body of water, known as Silver Lake, provides a delightful swimming haven for both visitors and campers, while the surrounding rock formations evoke the resort’s fascinating quarry past.

6. Tappan Lake (Uhrichsville): Close to the captivating Shoenbrunn State Park, featuring a restored Indian village and the historical drama “Trumpet in the Land,” Tappan Lake attracts numerous campers. Beyond the usual camping activities like boating, swimming, and hiking, visitors can embark on the scenic Moravian Trail Scenic Byway.

7. Lake Hope (McArthur): Within the vast Zaleski State Forest (encompassing 26,824 acres) in McArthur lies the tranquil retreat of Lake Hope State Park, featuring its little-known beach. The park centers around this serene 120-acre lake, nestled beside Big Sandy Run.