Jersey City to get a new Bagel Shop later this year

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – A new bagel shop is coming to Jersey City this year. Located at 176 Erie Street, Cheech’s Bagels recently signed a lease deal with the Silverman Building group to sell bagels at the aforementioned venue. Interestingly, the deal was apparently signed on National Bagel Day which may serve as a positive omen for the eatery in the long term.

News of the venture was shared on the Silverman Building Instagram account which showed an image of the new tenants. Here, they captioned the photo by writing: ‘Crazy day in Jersey City. It’s National Bagel Day as you probably already know, and what did we do? We signed a lease with Cheech’s Bagels, for Swift & Co. Get ready to meet longtime friends and business partners Gianluca and John, and enjoy the best bagels and more. Opening in 2024 at 176 Erie Street, Jersey City.’

Jersey City has a rich history of bagel production and consumption, with many local bakeries and delis that have been churning out high-quality, traditional bagels for decades. And with its proximity to New York City, another bastion of bagel culture, Jersey City has become a hub for bagel enthusiasts from near and far.

However, in recent years, many of these bagel shops have struggled to stay open. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see whether Cheech’s becomes a success or follows the fate of its various predecessors. At this point in time, it is not known when it will open, however, it is set to debut sometime later on in the year.