FRESOR releases new disposable vape

Las Vegas, NV – FRESOR, a leading innovator in vaping technology, unveiled its groundbreaking FRESOR NOVA Technology and its flagship creation, the FRESOR N10000, at the recent TPE expo in Las Vegas. This pivotal event marked the world premiere of the industry’s first large-capacity transparent disposable vape, garnering significant attention and widespread acclaim from attendees and clients alike.

Prior to this landmark development, users of large disposable vapes faced the persistent challenge of uncertainty regarding remaining e-liquid levels, hindering their overall vaping enjoyment. FRESOR’s bold innovation rectifies this long-standing concern by introducing a transparent e-liquid tank that offers full visibility of the device’s 12ml liquid volume. This revolutionary feature transforms the vaping landscape by empowering users with effortless monitoring of their e-liquid consumption.

The transparent design showcases the full 12ml e-liquid capacity, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their remaining e-liquid at a glance. Furthermore, the device is powered by FRESOR NOVA technology, featuring a smaller flat mesh coil that ensures complete e-liquid atomization, resulting in zero residue waste and a remarkable 42% increase in puff count. Employing natural cotton material guarantees a pure and smooth vaping experience, while the automated manufacturing process ensures consistent high-quality standards.

Originally conceived for smaller-volume products, FRESOR NOVA technology has been significantly upgraded to accommodate capacities ranging from 2ml to 12ml, and even 15ml. This groundbreaking achievement allows large-volume devices to benefit from the unique selling point of a crystal e-liquid tank, alleviating user anxiety regarding remaining e-liquid while simultaneously elevating the visual appeal of the vaping experience.

Beyond the introduction of FRESOR NOVA technology and the groundbreaking FRESOR N10000, FRESOR also presented its FRESOR MAX family of products. This range includes the FRESOR MAX B12000, the world’s first vertical wireless charging vape, and the FRESOR MAX B11000, featuring a boost mode for enhanced vaping performance.

During the launch event, Technical Director, Kevin, underscored FRESOR’s unwavering commitment to technological advancements and innovation. He reaffirmed the company’s dedication to continually addressing user concerns and providing cutting-edge technological solutions that elevate the vaping experience for all.