7 of the best beaches in Texas

Texas is home to a diverse coastline that often goes unnoticed compared to other popular beach destinations in the United States. This makes Texas beaches underrated gems that offer a unique and charming experience for visitors. One reason for this is the variety of beach experiences that Texas has to offer. From the urban beachfront of Galveston Island to the serene coastal environment of Mustang Island State Park, there’s something for everyone. With this said, here are the 7 best beaches in Texas.

Sea Rim State Park: Bordering Louisiana, this sprawling 4,000-acre wetland embraces a 5.2-mile sandy beach. Wildlife enthusiasts rejoice in the diverse avifauna, alongside fascinating ghost crabs, river otters, and even alligators. The Gambusia Nature Trail boardwalk enhances observation opportunities.

East Beach, Galveston: Renowned as Galveston’s social hub, East Beach pulsates with vibrant energy. As the sole beach permitting alcohol, it hosts lively music events and an annual sandcastle competition, complementing the ever-present atmosphere of revelry and barbecue.

Boca Chica Beach: Marking the literal “end of the road,” Boca Chica Beach delivers a remote experience nestled beside the Rio Grande River mouth. The presence of the SpaceX Launch Facility in the vicinity adds a surreal touch to this sandy haven. Adventurous souls will appreciate the seclusion offered by this undeveloped southernmost point in Texas, accessible via a 23-mile road from Brownsville.

San José Island: Nestled between Corpus Christi Bay and the open ocean, San José Island beckons tranquility seekers. Accessible by ferry from Port Aransas, this slender barrier island unfolds amidst pristine natural beauty. Its 21-mile length narrows to just two miles at its widest point, offering secluded sanctuaries for beachcombing and exceptional fishing experiences. As you venture north, the crowds dwindle, leading to the even wilder shores of Matagorda Island.

Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula: Shielding Galveston Bay, the Bolivar Peninsula boasts a 27-mile sandy arc, with Crystal Beach as its captivating centerpiece. This unbridled expanse of buff-colored sand, backed by gentle dunes, offers a serene escape. Here, hermit crabs and migratory birds far outnumber beachgoers, creating a tranquil haven distinct from bustling Galveston.

Padre Island National Seashore: Unrivaled in size, Padre Island National Seashore reigns as the world’s largest undeveloped barrier island. Distinct from the bustling spring break destination of South Padre Island, this 65-mile haven offers a pristine escape. Road-less, car-less, and unpopulated, it presents a breathtaking expanse of white sand and shell beaches for exploration.

Rockport Beach: Boasting one of the state’s cleanest coastlines, Rockport Beach proudly holds the coveted Blue Wave Beach designation. Its immaculate crescent of yellow sand and gently sloping shallows make it a haven for families with young children. Excellent facilities, including shaded picnic areas and playgrounds, further enhance the experience.