Philly Pretzel Factory Launches In St. Louis

Philly Pretzel Factory is set to become a prominent brand in the St. Louis area, with plans to transform 11 existing Pretzel Pretzel outlets into Philly Pretzel Factory stores within the upcoming month. This expansion is fueled by St. Louis’s strong affinity for pretzels, a sentiment shared by Philly Pretzel Factory’s CEO and co-founder, Dan DiZio. After meeting with Pretzel Pretzel franchise owners and sharing the foundational story and vision of Philly Pretzel Factory, including the robust support provided by the franchise, all franchisees agreed to rebrand their stores.

The transition to Philly Pretzel Factory promises enhanced operational standards, drawing on the franchise’s over 25 years of experience. DiZio announced that the Pretzel Pretzel locations would soon be equipped with advanced kitchen technology and rebranded to operate as full-fledged Philly Pretzel Factory outlets, maintaining current ownership and staff while expecting to increase employment to meet higher production demands.

DiZio, who started selling pretzels in Philadelphia at a young age, expressed his long-held ambition to popularize Philly-style pretzels nationwide. He identified St. Louis as a community with a passion for pretzels parallel to Philadelphia’s, making it an ideal expansion target for sharing Philly Pretzel Factory’s offerings.

Philly Pretzel Factory is known for its commitment to quality, with each pretzel hand-twisted from a blend of top-notch, fresh ingredients. The menu features a variety of pretzel products, including rivets, mini pretzels, and mini dogs, accompanied by an array of dips such as Cinnamon, Buttercream, Brownie Batter, Nacho Cheese, and several mustard flavors.

Ryan Lawton, who owns the future Philly Pretzel Factory locations in Ellisville and Ballwin, expressed enthusiasm about joining the franchise. He anticipates bringing a broader selection of flavors and an enhanced customer experience to the community.

Philly Pretzel Factory places a high priority on customer satisfaction, continually seeking innovative ways to engage with and reward its patrons. This commitment is exemplified by the introduction of the Very Important Pretzel (VIP) Club, a free, subscription-based service that fosters direct communication between the brand and its customers through text messaging.