Hummus-themed restaurant set to open in Athens

Athens, GA – According to the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Plans Review Agenda of January 25th, 2024, a new Hummus-restaurant is set to open in the city at some point and is currently under review by the council. This can be seen from the screenshot below which shows the interesting development.

Among other potential projects including a music recording room and the repair of a fire-damaged building, the list also includes a new business named ‘Mighty Bean Hummus’ which may open later this year if all goes to plan. Nonetheless, based on the review, it looks like this project is in its very early stages.


Overall, it will be interesting to see the menu at Mighty Bean and whether it is primarily vegetarian or vegan like many hummus restaurants. At a hummus restaurant, you can expect to find a wide variety of dishes centered around the classic chickpea-based dip. The menu usually includes the traditional version of hummus, which is typically served with pita bread for dipping, and sometimes topped with a drizzle of olive oil, paprika, and chopped parsley. Many hummus restaurants also offer variations on the classic recipe, such as roasted red pepper hummus, spicy harissa hummus, or even dessert hummus made with chocolate or peanut butter.

Hummus originates from the Middle East, and its history can be traced back thousands of years. The basic ingredients – chickpeas, tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil – have been staple foods in the region for centuries, so it’s likely that variations of hummus have been made for a very long time. As of right now, there is no set opening date for this but it will be good for the Athens food scene to have something a little different.