Woodlands destroyed as new homes start to take shape in Milton

MILTON, Delaware – Recent images have shown that building has commenced in Milton which will see large swathes of forests destroyed to build new homes in the area. The photos showed a number of felled trees and heavy machinery clearing the area for land. This project is currently being carried out by Capstone Homes who specialize in new construction, single-family homes and has a heavy presence in Delaware.

News of the local tree destruction did not go down well on social media. Speaking on Reddit, users complained that this damaged the natural beauty of the area and also compromised the area for potential flooding. Some even went as far as to draw comparisons with the infamous Glenville disaster.


The Glenville Disaster, as it has come to be known, was a tragic event that occurred in Glenville, Delaware back in 2003. Tropical Storm Henri caused severe flooding that damaged homes and businesses in the community, forcing many residents to relocate. The situation was so dire that the state and local government had to step in and buy out the remaining homeowners, effectively abandoning the town in 2004. Demolition began the following year and today, the remains of Glenville are fenced off to prevent trespassing. Having said this, it should be noted that there is currently no risk of flooding for this particular site, despite public outcry.