TOEFL releases new Test Preparation platform

PRINCETON, N.J. – The Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced today the groundbreaking launch of TOEFL TestReady, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive test preparation platform specifically designed for the TOEFL iBT test. This innovative platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to provide learners with personalized insights and targeted recommendations, offering a unique and effective approach to maximizing their English language proficiency for academic and professional pursuits.

A Cohesive Ecosystem for Test Optimization:

TOEFL TestReady seamlessly integrates existing official TOEFL iBT prep resources with a range of new functionalities within a single, user-friendly portal. This holistic platform empowers learners with:

  • Free Resources:
    • Scored Activity of the Day: Receive comprehensive feedback on daily practice sets, including full question sets and tasks like Listening lectures with accompanying questions.
    • Personalized Prep Plan: Create a customized learning journey with a recommended timeline tailored to individual needs and goals.
    • Comprehensive Study Materials: Access a wealth of resources such as videos, courses, ebooks, tips, and progress tracking tools.
  • Premium Features (Subscription-Based):
    • Section Tests: Receive scores and detailed insights upon completing entire test sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing).
    • Section Practice: Gain specific feedback and insights at the question/task type and feature level within each section, addressing areas like grammatical accuracy and example responses.
    • Focused Practice: Target specific skill gaps by focusing on individual question/task types, such as practicing multiple Integrated Speaking tasks with personalized feedback.

Personalized Learning at its Core:

The platform’s innovative AI engine analyzes a learner’s performance across all metrics, offering valuable insights and targeted recommendations to bridge individual skill gaps. This data-driven approach allows learners to optimize their study time and prepare more efficiently, achieving their desired TOEFL iBT score faster than ever before. Initial research indicates a strong correlation between performance on TOEFL TestReady and higher scores on the actual TOEFL iBT test, further solidifying its effectiveness.

The Global Standard for English Language Proficiency:

Developed by ETS, the TOEFL iBT test is widely recognized as the most respected, accepted, and preferred assessment of academic English language proficiency. This high-stakes test plays a crucial role in university admissions, professional opportunities, and immigration processes. With over 12,500 institutions in 160+ countries accepting TOEFL iBT scores, and 100% acceptance in popular English-speaking destinations like the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the test remains a vital gateway for global aspirations.

The launch of TOEFL TestReady represents a significant advancement in English language test preparation, empowering learners with personalized AI-driven insights and a comprehensive learning ecosystem to achieve their academic and professional goals.