The 6 cheapest restaurants in Alabama

The affordable dining scene in Alabama can be attributed to a few main factors. First and foremost, the cost of living in the state is comparatively low, which is reflected in the pricing of various goods and services, including food. Restaurants in Alabama, particularly those in rural areas, can offer lower menu prices than those in states with higher costs of living. With this said, here are the 6 cheapest restaurants in Alabama.

Athens: Established in 1961, Dub’s Burgers has become a pilgrimage site for burger enthusiasts. This iconic restaurant’s claim to fame is its All The Way Hamburger, a delectable symphony of flavors available for under $5.

Montgomery: Established in 1917, Chris’ Famous Hotdogs stands as a cornerstone of Alabama’s culinary history. Renowned for their signature hotdog, adorned with classic condiments and their delectable house-made chili sauce, this historic eatery offers an affordable taste of tradition at under $3 per dog.

Wetumpka: Nestled in Wetumpka, Must Stop Cafe entices with its daily menu showcasing an array of Southern favorites. Indulge in a Meat & 2 Sides Plate for under $10, or expand your horizons with a Meat & 3 Sides Plate for just slightly more. Vegetarians can delight in a dedicated Veggie Plate priced below $8.

Woodville: Venturing off the beaten path leads to Joe’s Pizza, a haven for pizza connoisseurs. Boasting a delectable cheese pizza and an enticing selection of entrees, all priced below $10, Joe’s Pizza secures its place among Alabama’s top pizza destinations.

Birmingham: SAW’s Soul Kitchen in Birmingham satiates the soul with an array of traditional Southern dishes at accessible prices. From succulent barbecue plates and vibrant salads to tempting burgers and smoky wings, SAW’s caters to diverse palates.

Tuscumbia: Located near Spring Park, Claunch Cafe is a family-run haven for Southern comfort food. Their renowned Pecan Chicken Salad Plate, featuring chicken salad, lemon bread, fresh fruit, and a delightful frozen treat, comes in at under $10.