The 5 tallest buildings in Wyoming

While Wyoming isn’t typically known for its tall buildings, it still has a few that are worth mentioning. Not only this but many of these buildings also hold historical significance to the state which also adds to their status. For those wondering, here are Wyoming’s top 5 tallest buildings.

Wyoming Financial Center: Rising 148 feet above Cheyenne, the Wyoming Financial Center, constructed in 1990, boasts the title of the state’s tallest building. Designed as an office building, it not only offers magnificent mountain views but also stands as a testament to the city’s architectural landscape.

White Hall: Located on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, White Hall often ignites debate regarding its claim as the state’s tallest. This 12-story student dormitory, built in 1967 and named after Dr. Laura A. White, reaches a height of 146 feet and once housed up to 587 residents.

Wyoming State Capitol Building: The imposing Wyoming State Capitol Building, adorned with a majestic dome and spire, also clocks in at 146 feet. Constructed in 1887 and recently restored to its original grandeur, this Cheyenne landmark serves as a symbol of the state’s government and history.

Joseph C. O’Mahoney Federal Building: Standing 108 feet tall in Cheyenne, the Joseph C. O’Mahoney Federal Building, built in 1964, serves as a multi-functional structure encompassing a post office and courthouse. This eight-story building, named after Senator Joseph C. O’Mahoney, occupies 1.7 acres of land and features a penthouse and basement.

Dick Cheney Federal Building: Named after former Vice President Dick Cheney, this Casper landmark was constructed in 1970 and stands 78 feet tall. Housing over 150 federal employees, it not only serves as a significant workplace but also adds to the city’s distinctive skyline and holds historical importance.