The 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, boasts a vibrant tapestry of cultures, engaging personalities, and stunning natural beauty. Renowned for its delectable restaurants, insightful museums, and prestigious universities, the city also possesses certain challenges, including crime and violence, similar to many urban areas.

Statistical Overview of Crime:

  • Tucson exhibits a general crime rate of 47.14 per 1,000 residents, exceeding the state and national averages.
  • While not the most dangerous city in Arizona, it surpasses the state average by 6%.
  • Violent crime prevalence in Tucson (7.11 per 1,000) outstrips national and state levels, though property crime (40.02 per 1,000) falls below both.
  • Compared to larger Arizona cities like Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, the likelihood of experiencing serious crime in Tucson is slightly higher (1 in 141 versus 1 in 145).
  • Property crime susceptibility in Tucson, however, stands higher than most other Arizona cities (1 in 25 compared to 1 in 30).

The most dangerous Tucson neighborhoods:

1. San Ignacio Yaqui:

  • Population: 471
  • Violent crime rate: 1,054 per 100,000
  • Property crime rate: 4,240 per 100,000
  • Average home value: $83,950
  • Located in northwest Tucson near the San Pedro River, this culturally diverse and artistic community exhibits elevated crime rates.

2. Wakefield:

  • Population: 3,918
  • Violent crime rate: 1,418 per 100,000
  • Property crime rate: 7,360 per 100,000
  • Average home value: $98,300
  • Situated northeast of Tucson near the University of Arizona, this predominantly white and Hispanic area experiences high levels of both violent and property crime.

3. Barrio Blue Moon:

  • Population: 684
  • Violent crime rate: 766 per 100,000
  • Property crime rate: 4,736 per 100,000
  • Average home value: $75,900
  • Primarily Mexican residents occupy this southeast Tucson neighborhood near the Rillito River, which exhibits moderate violent crime and high property crime rates.

4. Fairgrounds:

  • Population: 2,000
  • Violent crime rate: 1,057 per 100,000
  • Property crime rate: 6,980 per 100,000
  • Average home value: $86,200
  • This southwest Tucson neighborhood, mainly white and Hispanic, features historical significance near the Pima Air & Space Museum but suffers from high rates of both violent and property crime.

5. El Rio Acres:

  • Population: 2,500
  • Violent crime rate: 1,029 per 100,000
  • Property crime rate: 6,720 per 100,000
  • Average home value: Data unavailable
  • Located north-central Tucson near the Sabino Canyon Golf Course, this predominantly Native American and Mexican community exhibits elevated levels of crime.


While Tucson offers abundant attractions and charm, certain areas necessitate enhanced awareness due to potential risks. By acknowledging the identified neighborhoods with higher crime rates, residents and visitors can exercise vigilance and responsible behavior to maximize their safety and enjoyment of the city.

Disclaimer: Crime statistics and neighborhood descriptions are based on publicly available data and may not represent the complete picture. It is vital to conduct further research and exercise personal judgment when navigating any urban environment.