The 5 most dangerous cities in Idaho

Idaho’s safety levels relative to other states can be a bit of a mixed bag. While Idaho has a relatively low violent crime rate compared to many states, property crime rates are somewhat higher, particularly in certain areas. It’s important to consider the overall safety of a particular area or neighborhood when assessing risk levels, as crime patterns can vary widely from one part of Idaho to another.

Additionally, personal safety practices like locking doors and being aware of your surroundings can make a big difference in maintaining your security no matter where you live. Regardless, here are its most dangerous cities when it comes to measuring crime.

Pocatello: This larger city presents a lower rate of 4.26, translating to a 1 in 235 chance of encountering violent crime. However, the presence of murders alongside robberies, and aggravated assaults warrants awareness.

Emmett and Payette: These smaller cities exhibit a slight decrease in the rate compared to the previous two, hovering around 4.86 and 4.40, respectively. While the risk remains present (1 in 206 and 1 in 227), the types of reported crimes differ, with Payette experiencing more aggravated assaults.

Twin Falls: Despite its larger population, Twin Falls holds the second-highest rate, 5.09. Residents encounter a 1 in 196 chance of being a victim of violent crime, with robberies and aggravated assaults being the most prevalent concerns.

Garden City: While boasting a smaller population, Garden City carries the unfortunate distinction of harboring the highest violent crime rate, 7.65. This translates to a concerning reality: a 1 in 131 chance of experiencing a violent crime here.