Sweet Nana Cakes abruptly closes out of the blue

WAYNESBORO, Virginia – One of Waynesboro’s most celebrated cake shops has just quietly closed down. Listed online as permanently closed, the news was also confirmed on Reddit by a local eyewitness who also backed up these claims.

Here, they said: ‘I saw the trailer backed up to the door. So Sad. They had excellent cookies and sweet preparations that made very good gifts. Brownies to die for. I wish them well in their next venture.’

The decision to permanently close has come out of the blue, as Nana’s social media pages failed to mention the closure. Instead, its Instagram account was last updated in early December of last year. Here, they advertised Christmas tree-themed cupcakes. Because of this, it is not known why the bakery suddenly closed.

Nonetheless, this follows a recent trend of small businesses in the area struggling to survive due to the current retail climate. Unfortunately, this means that Waynesboro’s bakery options are now incredibly slim, with the likes of Kroger’s and Walmart offering cakes. However, these pale in comparison to Nana’s which was an independent, locally-owned store.

Over the years, Nana’s served the Waynesboro community with its delicious and creative cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods as well as its custom designs that included birthday and wedding cakes.