South Congress Nike Store ransacked after burglary

AUSTIN, Texas – Yesterday, the Nike Well Collective store based on South Congress Ave was ransacked by thieves. The aftermath of the robbery was shared on social media which showed the glass entrance had been smashed by the thieves.

This story was mentioned by a local eyewitness who was working in the area nearby. According to this person, the Nike store workers claimed that three people ran in during the middle of the night and escaped within under one minute. Unfortunately, a similar incident recently happened at the Hermes store which is also located at S Congress Ave, leading people to believe that the robberies could be linked. The same eyewitness also said that the thieves apparently stole $10,000 of goods. However, at this moment this theory has not been confirmed.

Generally speaking, this store is considered more high-end compared to your typical Nike outlet. This is because it is a state-of-the-art fitness-focused retail store that caters to the active lifestyle. Here, it offers an extensive selection of athletic apparel and gear which can be hard to find in other Nike stores. Based on this context, it is possible that this store was specifically targetted due to its expensive merchandise.

Currently, an investigation is ongoing and the Austin Police Force is currently looking for anyone with potential information surrounding the robbery.