Rumors circulate that Fountain Haus could be permanently closing down

Kansas City, MO – Despite being active on social media, it is possible that Fountain Haus is closing down. In fact, some have claimed that the popular venue has already shut. This is based on rumors on the popular website Reddit, which currently has a number of theories. Perhaps most damning of all though, is Fountain Haus’s Google profile which is listed as permanently closed. As of the current time of writing, however, this is the only indication that the venue has actually shuttered.

The rumors first appeared when one user claimed to have heard that it was shutting. This was added to by one person claiming that it was empty, while others claimed that there were consistent issues with the owners. Furthermore, one user claimed that a staff member also stated it was closing shortly after being spoken to.

Interestingly, the establishment was still open last night and operated as usual. Because of this, it’s fair to say that these rumors are inconsistent and may not be true. Nonetheless, there is certainly a lot of talk regarding the future of the establishment.

Fountain Haus was best known as a queer-friendly bar in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. It quickly made a name for itself as a popular nightlife spot, offering four distinct areas, including a disco-themed space with a groovy dance floor. Its commitment to diversity and inclusion earned it recognition, such as winning “Best Hole” at the Kansas City AIDS Walk Fall Open.