Morgan Automotive Group Selects AutomotiveMastermind as data partner

New York City, NY – February 3, 2024: automotiveMastermind, a leading provider of data and technology solutions for the automotive industry and part of S&P Global Mobility, today announced a strategic partnership with Morgan Automotive Group (Morgan), one of the largest automotive dealer groups in the United States. This collaboration will see the integration of Mastermind’s technology and data enrichment platform, as well as Polk Automotive Solutions’ data services from S&P Global Mobility, across Morgan’s 73 dealerships throughout Florida.

automotiveMastermind leverages the power of predictive analytics to anticipate customer preferences and inform personalized interactions. This approach enables dealerships to reimagine the automotive retail experience by seamlessly blending data and intelligence with individualized insights. Through this partnership, Mastermind and Polk Automotive Solutions will serve as a central resource for data quality, enrichment, and business intelligence for Morgan.

The combined offerings of Mastermind and Polk Automotive Solutions will provide Morgan with cleaner customer data and predictive analytics accessible within their Customer Data Platform (CDP). This empowers the group to optimize operational systems, refine marketing strategies, and ultimately elevate the customer experience across all Morgan dealerships.

Founded in 2012, automotiveMastermind, part of S&P Global Mobility, is a trusted data and technology provider within the automotive industry. By harnessing the power of actionable intelligence and personalized experiences, the company drives significant value for its clients.

Through its proprietary Mastermind solution, automotiveMastermind empowers retailers and OEMs to connect with buyers and deliver exceptional purchasing experiences. Combining behavioral predictive analytics, targeted marketing outreach, and expert consulting, the company seamlessly blends data and intelligence with personalized insights to redefine automotive retail sales. Headquartered in New York City, automotiveMastermind offers its solutions to dealerships and OEMs across the globe.