Iconic Kings Dominion Berserker ride turns 40 years old

RICHMOND, Virginia – This year, the iconic ride Berserker turns 40 years old. To the younger generation, this may be yet another ride at the Kings Dominion theme park. To others, it represents generations of fun times, memories, and a shift from the old to the new as amusement parks became more prestigious and technologically advanced during the 1980s.

After first opening in 1984, this hair-raising attraction is a looping starship ride, where the spaceship-like gondola spins as the entire ride swings back and forth like a pendulum. Despite its age, The Berserker’s unique design is sure to send adrenaline junkies on a wild ride they won’t soon forget even to this day.

Originally installed as part of the park’s first major expansion after it was acquired by Kings Entertainment Company (KECO) in 1983, The Berserker was one of the first pirate ship rides of its time that could go upside down and do a full 360 degrees in the air. While these may be more common today, back in 1984 this was very unique for its time and helped shine a light on Kings Dominion while attracting visitors from far beyond Richmond.

While it looks like there are no plans for The Berserker’s 40th birthday, it has still been celebrated by locals on social media who are appreciative of its place in Richmond history.