Buffalo Games acquires nearby buildings from company founders

Buffalo, New York, February 9, 2024: Following significant growth fueled by the acquisition of EastPoint Sports in 2023, Buffalo Games, a prominent manufacturer of puzzles, board games, and family games, has secured additional space for continued expansion. The company, led by CEO Nagendra Raina, recently acquired two facilities located at 220 and 111 James E. Casey Drive in Buffalo. This strategic move provides Buffalo Games with the necessary real estate to support its burgeoning operations for years to come.

While the purchase was conducted under Raina Real Estate Holdings, the facilities are slated for integration into Buffalo Games’ operations. The larger of the two buildings, spanning 90,000 square feet at 220 James E. Casey Drive, has previously been leased by Buffalo Games. Similarly, the 65,000 square-foot space at 111 James E. Casey Drive was also leased from its prior owners, Paul and Eden Dedrick, founders of Buffalo Games who departed the company in 2018.

Mr. Raina, acknowledging the benefits of owning substantial warehouse space in this strategic location, highlighted the proximity to major highways and the Canadian border as key advantages. Additionally, the convenient positioning on NFTA bus routes facilitates accessibility for employees, contributing to an already established workforce of 150 local individuals. Buffalo Games anticipates creating 100 additional local jobs within the next two years, primarily focusing on production and warehousing roles. Automation investments in puzzle-making equipment are planned across all four of the company’s facilities.

The acquisition aligns with Buffalo Games’ recent expansion into yard and basement games like cornhole, ping-pong, and darts, following the acquisition of EastPoint Sports. This strategic move reflects the company’s adaptability to evolving market trends and its commitment to providing a diverse range of engaging games for families.

By securing these additional facilities, Buffalo Games positions itself for continued growth and reaffirms its dedication to the local community through job creation and investment in its operations.