Black N Brew Coffee cancels GoFundMe and refunds all donors

Philadelphia, PA – Over the past few weeks, popular Philly coffee shop and cafe, Black N Brew has gained media attention after facing eviction. This first began on social media when Black N Brew led members of the Passyunk to allege that PARC was effectively kicking them out after 17 years of renting in the same location.

Naturally, locals weren’t too pleased with this news and quickly rallied, while putting pressure on PARC. This was then followed by a GoFundMe being set up to help Black N Brew pay for their lease and potentially stay in their current location. However, a recent revelation has shown things differently.

It turns out that prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Black N Brew faced financial difficulties documented in court records. Tax liens dating back to 2018 for nonpayment of state sales taxes reveal persistent struggles. Most recently, this month, a lien encompassing approximately $50,000 with accrued interest and penalties was filed.

As a result, the GoFundMe has been canceled with the public now viewing the cafe less favorably.

In a statement released by the organizer Dana MacDonald yesterday, she said: ‘Hi community, in light of recent events, it is best to close this fundraiser and refund all donations back to the original donors. You will receive your refund via the original payment method in 5-7 business days. Apologies for any inconvenience.’

With this advancement, it looks as though Black N Brew will still be leaving their current location and their reputation may also have taken a hit as well.