Black ‘N Brew Cafe to close after lease expires

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Located on E Passyunk Ave, Black ‘N Brew cafe has been a rock with Philadelphia’s coffee scene since it first opened its doors back in 2007. Since then, it’s firmly established itself within the city and is known for its unique concept of being a BYOB coffee house.

Despite its apparent success, it’s never easy being a small business owner and trouble is often lurking around the corner. In the case of Black ‘N Brew, it turns out that 2024 hasn’t got off to the best start. This is because their lease has not been renewed, meaning they will now close within the next two months. Black ‘N Brew described this as ‘devastating news’ in a social media post that revealed the situation.

Speaking on Instagram, the eatery claimed: ‘We have received devastating news that PARC (Passyunk Ave Revitalization Corporation) will not be renewing our lease and we have been given only two months to find and move to a new location. We are truly saddened by this development, but rest assured that we are working diligently to secure a new space for our business.’

Put in context, it looks like Black ‘N Brew plans to re-open and will not permanently close. However, due to the unfortunate timing of the news, it looks like they will most likely close for a number of months while sorting out the logistical headache of finding a new location.