18 Grams Tea & Coffee shop set for Spring opening in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, California – Sacramento is set to get a new coffee shop that is set to open this spring. 18 Grams Coffee & Tea is set to open at 1725 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811 which has been confirmed by an image left on the premises.

For those aware, 18 Grams Tea & Coffee is a local cafe in the greater Sacramento area, with locations in both Elk Grove and Sacramento. As its name suggests, 18 Grams is dedicated to serving premium coffee and tea, providing a variety of roasts, blends, and brewing methods for every taste and preference.

The image below was first posted to Reddit which reads as follows: ‘Public notice of application to sell alcoholic beverages. Type of license: 47 on sale general eating place. Forever by 18 Grams. Address of premises: 1725 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811.’

Image // Reddit

Over the years, 18 Grams has earned a number of positive reviews from the Sacramento coffee community, and its two shops are viewed among others as being some of the best in the city. Based on this, its arrival looks to be welcomed by locals. However, there is no set date as of yet, although it is penciled in for Spring of this year. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this is only a rough date, and sometimes restaurants open after their expected opening dates.