The 12 Most Haunted Locations In The State Of Illinois

Illinois is known for its rich history and cultural significance, but it also harbors a darker side with numerous locations reputed to be haunted, each with its own chilling backstory.

1. Pulaski County Courthouse, Mound City

Built in 1911, the Pulaski County Courthouse’s basement, which once served as the county jail, is the center of its haunted reputation. Paranormal activities reported include sightings of the apparition of a hanged man, thought to be the last man executed in the county, along with other spirits such as a former attorney and a female spirit referred to as ‘the taffeta woman’​

2. Rose Hotel, Elizabethtown

The Rose Hotel, Illinois’ oldest active hotel, is said to be haunted by its former owner, Sarah Rose. Guests have reported seeing her apparition on the second floor and experiencing unexplained movements of items at night. The hotel’s long history and preservation by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency add to its eerie charm​

3. Original Springs Hotel, Okawville

Founded on the town’s mineral springs believed to benefit health, the Original Springs Hotel is known for the apparition of a lady in a white dress from the early 1900s. This spirit is often seen on the second-floor balcony, adding a ghostly allure to the hotel’s spa heritage​

4. The Hundley House, Carbondale

The Hundley House is marked by the unsolved murder of its former occupants, Mayor J. Chas Hundley and his wife Luella, in 1928. Paranormal reports include a self-swinging porch swing, mysterious noises, and autonomously operating doors and lights, contributing to its haunted reputation​

5. Choate Mental Health Center, Anna

Originally the Southern Hospital for the Insane, Choate Mental Health Center has a history of tragic fires and reports of paranormal phenomena, including apparitions, shadowy figures, and an attack by an invisible entity. These occurrences contribute to its eerie atmosphere​

6. Lebanon Road, Collinsville

Lebanon Road is notorious for the “seven gates of hell” urban legend, especially the so-called Acid Bridge. The legend and reports of strange occurrences on the bridge, such as cold spots and unexplained noises, contribute to its haunting allure​​​

7. Robinson Woods, Chicago

This forest area is believed to be cursed, with reports of strange lights, sounds, and smells. The land’s history, including tragic events and its use as a Native American burial site, adds to its spooky reputation​

8. Congress Plaza Hotel, Chicago

Known for its poltergeist activity, the Congress Plaza Hotel hosts various ghosts, including a construction worker trapped behind a wall and a hobo named Peg Leg Johnny. Its history and the range of reported hauntings make it a focal point for ghost hunters​

9. H.H. Holmes Murder Castle, Chicago

The site of H.H. Holmes’ infamous “Murder Castle,” now an empty lot, was once the scene of numerous murders committed by America’s first known serial killer. The building’s design, including trap doors and a crematorium, fuels its haunted legend​

10. DeSoto House Hotel, Galena

With a history of hosting significant historical figures and experiencing tragic events, the DeSoto House Hotel is haunted by the “Lady in Black” among other spirits. Reports include phantom footsteps and eerie noises​

11. Devil’s Bake-Oven, Grand Tower

This cliff has a tragic legend of a girl named Esmerelda, who died here. Reports of sobbing echoes and misty apparitions continue to haunt the area, surrounded by stories of pirates and sacrifices​

12. Peoria State Hospital, Bartonville

Once an asylum, this site is known for paranormal activity, especially related to Old Book, a gravedigger who mourned the dead. The apparition of Old Book and other unexplained phenomena have been reported here​

Each of these locations harbors a unique story and a reputation for paranormal activity, drawing interest from historians, paranormal enthusiasts, and those simply curious about Illinois’ haunted heritage.