The main jobs in Mt. Vernon

The history of employment in Mount Vernon, Illinois, dates back to the early 19th century when the town was founded in 1817. Since then, the city’s economy has evolved significantly.

In the early days, Mount Vernon’s economy was primarily agricultural, with soybeans being a significant crop in the area. However, the arrival of the railway in 1872 brought industrial development to the city, including mills, foundries, and breweries.

During the first half of the 20th century, Mount Vernon became a major producer of railroad cars, which provided employment for many residents.

In the present day, the city’s economy has diversified, with industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and social assistance playing a significant role in providing employment opportunities for the local population.

Today, the main job industries in Mount Vernon, Illinois, are diverse and include:

  • Manufacturing: Companies like Manner Polymers and Continental Tire have established facilities in Mount Vernon, creating jobs in production, engineering, maintenance, and more.
  • Healthcare: Crossroads Community Hospital is one of the major employers in Mount Vernon, providing healthcare services and job opportunities for medical professionals.
  • Education: Rend Lake College, located in Mount Vernon, offers various educational programs and employs faculty and staff members.
  • Transportation and logistics: A & A Haulers LLC is a transportation company that operates in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas, offering jobs in truck driving, dispatch, and logistics.