Fires break out at three different Mt. Vernon houses

On Wednesday morning, February 28th, 2024, Mt. Vernon firefighters responded to a report of a residential structure fire on South 12th Street shortly after 3:00 AM. Upon arrival, fire crews encountered flames and embers emanating from a vacant house at 1501 South 12th Street, which were subsequently spread by strong winds to nearby trees and vegetation.

The fire subsequently ignited a neighboring occupied residence at 1506 South 12th Street, displacing its resident, Mr. Corey Mitchell. Thankfully, Mr. Mitchell, a local gymnastics and tumbling coach, is receiving immediate assistance from the Red Cross.

Firefighters extinguished the flames at the two involved residences by approximately 6:30 AM, with a single firefighter remaining on the scene for monitoring purposes. Shortly thereafter, at 9:43 AM, smoke was observed emanating from the roofline of another vacant house located at 1507 South 12th Street, directly south of the original fire location.

Fire crews swiftly responded to this third blaze, which is believed to have originated from embers from the initial fire that smoldered on the roofline of the third building before being reignited by high winds. The cause of the original fire is suspected to be related to a squatter seeking warmth.

The Mt. Vernon Fire Department commends its personnel for their prompt and effective response to these multiple incidents, which prevented further property damage and ensured the safety of the community.