Do You Know The Most Dangerous Roads In Illinois?

Illinois, with its bustling cities and extensive highway network, faces significant road safety challenges. From 2018 to 2020, the state recorded 2,976 fatal accidents, shedding light on the pressing need for awareness and caution among drivers. Below, we delve into the specifics of the most notorious roads and intersections, outlining their dangers and providing statistics to underscore the risks.

Ashland Avenue (Chicago)

  • Location: W. 74th St. to W. 47th St.
  • Fatal Accidents (2018-2020): 9
  • Notable Risk Factors: This stretch of road in Chicago is marked as the deadliest, with nine fatal accidents recorded in a span of three years. The dense urban setting and heavy traffic contribute to its dangerous reputation​

I-57 (Blue Island, Riverdale, Markham, Posen)

  • Location: Exit 353 to Exit 348
  • Fatal Accidents (2018-2020): 8
  • Insights: I-57 sees significant traffic flow and has been identified as a particularly perilous stretch, with eight fatal accidents occurring in the noted period. The highway’s design and traffic volume play a role in its hazard level​

Lake Street (Chicago)

  • Location: N. Cicero Ave. to N. Sacramento Blvd.
  • Fatal Accidents (2018-2020): 8
  • Observations: This area in Chicago has witnessed eight fatal accidents, with its heavy traffic and urban congestion making it a hotspot for dangerous incidents​

Stevenson Expressway (I-55)

  • Renowned for congestion and a high number of deadly crashes involving a variety of vehicles, the Stevenson Expressway is a critical area of focus for road safety initiatives​

Dan Ryan Expressway

  • Characterized by its heavy traffic, with up to 300,000 vehicles daily, the Dan Ryan Expressway has seen numerous multi-vehicle crashes and incidents, highlighting the need for vigilance on this major freeway​

Elgin O’Hare Tollway (Illinois Route 390)

  • Despite being a shorter stretch of road, the Elgin O’Hare Tollway has a notable record of dangerous conditions, including icy pileups and deadly crashes, underscoring the importance of caution, especially in adverse weather conditions​

Route 66/55

  • This historic route, known for its heavy traffic and diverse incidents from wrong-way collisions to tragic accidents, emphasizes the enduring risk present on Illinois’ roads, even on stretches with deep historical significance​

Key Takeaways

  • Speeding is the most common factor contributing to fatal crashes, involved in 38.9% of accidents.
  • Drunk Driving follows, involved in 26.5% of deadly incidents, highlighting the critical need for responsible driving practices.
  • Distracted Driving also presents a significant risk, involved in 12.2% of fatal accidents, pointing towards the growing issue of phone use while driving.