Teamsters In Arizona Delighted As Warehouse Worker Protection Bill Is Introduced

The Teamsters Union expressed strong support for the proposal of Arizona House Bill 2682, aimed at increasing transparency regarding hazardous quotas in warehouses and ensuring that workers’ legally entitled breaks are not compromised by unattainable work demands.

Dawn Schumann, Political Director of Teamsters Local 104, expressed gratitude towards State Representative Oscar De Los Santos for spearheading this crucial bill. She emphasized that the legislation is essential for preserving the lives of warehouse workers and safeguarding them against being dehumanized by large corporations like Amazon. Schumann called for the Arizona House and Senate to expediently approve the bill.

Representative Oscar De Los Santos also voiced his pride in collaborating with the Teamsters to introduce House Bill 2682, which is designed to enhance worker rights and safety. He highlighted that the bill mandates the creation of joint labor-management safety committees to proactively identify and tackle safety concerns, thereby preventing injuries. Additionally, the bill aims to protect employees who report grievances from retaliation and discrimination, and mandates greater clarity regarding performance quotas.

Currently, the bill is under review by the Arizona House Rules Committee, pending a hearing. Similar legislation focused on protecting warehouse workers has already been enacted in California, Minnesota, New York, and Washington.