HEB bans pets from stores after rising trend of dogs taken shopping with owners

San Antonio, TEXAS – A new policy at HEB stores has seen pets banned from entering their premises. This was confirmed by a sign on the store entrances which reads: ‘Service dogs are welcome. No pets. Service dogs are not permitted to ride in shopping carts.’ This comes after a recent trend has seen a rise in dog owners taking their pets with them while shopping. Although some may view this as a cute experience, others have claimed that it is unhygienic when pets are located near fresh foods.

This trend took off over the past year in San Antonio and was also witnessed in other US cities. Arguably, this is because of the rise of pet-friendly culture: As more and more Americans consider their pets to be members of the family, they’re increasingly seeking out places and activities that allow them to bring their furry friends along. Many grocery stores have responded by allowing dogs in the aisles, provided they’re leashed and well-behaved.


The image above was originally shared on Reddit. Here, many users praised HEB for enforcing the new policy. However, a large percentage of users were also skeptical as to whether the policy would actually be enforced by staff members and viewed it with cynicism. Regardless, this shows a cultural shift in customer shopping habits and may lead to other retailers and grocery stores following suit.