Dry Gap iStorage experiences flood damage

Knoxville, TN – A recent letter dated January 24th was sent to certain customers at the Dry Gap iStorage store. According to the letter, the store in question experienced flood damage on January 17th. As a result, the letter acted as a notice to vacate while the store dealt with the water damage.

Here, the letter read: ‘Dear customer, as you know, on Wednesday, January 17th, 2024, our iStorage facility located at 1831 Dry Gap Pike experienced a flood, resulting in significant water and property damage. For the safety of everyone involved, we have made the difficult decision to terminate your lease as of January 17th, 2024, so that we can complete the necessary reconstruction and restore the facility as quickly as possible.’


This also included a 10-day deadline for the customer to collect their belongings. The letter above was originally posted on Reddit by a customer of the store. Undoubtedly, this could be a distressing experience for the iStorage customers whose personal possessions may be damaged as a result of the flooding.

Currently, iStorage has several locations in various parts of Knoxville. However, there are other alternatives such as 865Storage, 129 Storage, YES Self Storage, and others who may capitalize on the recent flooding of the Dry Gap store.