The Kaleidoscope

2019-2020 Staff

Amerald Wheatley-Johnson


Meet Amerald Wheatley-Johnson. She is a sophomore at Kishwaukee College and plans to pursue Public Relations. When not studying, she enjoys writing, mostly poetry and short stories, reading, and sometimes singing. Her favorite...

John Haberstich


Meet John Haberstich. This is his first year attending Kishwaukee College and is going for his AA. Right now, he wants to major in Animation, but is still looking at his options. When not in the classroom, John likes to play video...

Jeffrey Fleming


Ava Johnson

Staff Writer

Meet Ava Johnson. This is her first year at Kishwaukee and plans to transfer after the summer semester. Ava is not completely sure of her major but she knows it will have something to do with biology and possibly something in...

Mary Vowels

Staff Writer

Meet Mary Vowels. Mary is in her second year at Kishwaukee but is actually still in High School! She is undecided about her major but has plenty of time to figure things out. When not in school, Mary likes to paint, take pictures,...

James Haberstich

Staff Writer, Graphic Desinger

Meet James Haberstich. James is a sophomore at Kishwaukee College and hopes to major in Graphic Design. When not on campus, James enjoys playing board games with his friends. Some common games they play are Exploding Kitten and...

Shayne Zientek

Social Media Manager

Meet Shayne Zientek. Shayne has attended Kishwaukee for two years and wants to major in Organizational and Leadership Communications. When not at school, Shayne can be found at his job or hanging out with his friends. He enjoys...

Amber Boehm

Staff Writer

Meet Amber Boehm. This is her first year at Kishwaukee College and she is majoring in Journalism. When she’s not studying for school, Amber can be seen hanging with her friends or doing some online shopping. Her main go-to sites...

Kayla Mingus

Copy Editor / Photo Journalist

Meet Kayla Mingus. This is her second semester at Kishwaukee and was originally attending Sauk Valley. She wishes to major in Film Production and Theater. When she's not studying for class, Kayla is usually hanging at home with...

Kaylee Lampkins

Event Planner

Sarah Kanas

Staff Writer

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