Life on Campus: Interview with Laurie Borowicz, Ed.D. President of Kishwaukee College


Sarah Kanas

As we step in the subject of presidents of different colleges, Dr. Laurie Borowicz has been and currently is the first woman president of Kishwaukee College. While she can be seen walking down the halls of campus greeting students and staff members, she also hosts listening sessions when it comes to education and needs of improvement for the college. I took some time to meet with Dr. Borowicz and ask her some questions about her responsibilities as president and what it’s like to be the first woman president of Kishwaukee College.

SK: What is it like to be the first woman president at Kishwaukee College?

LB: It’s an honor. I enjoy what I do, I like working with the students and making sure we’re meeting their needs and the community’s needs that we serve.

SK: What responsibilities do you have as president?

LB: I have lots of responsibilities. I oversee all the operations of the college, I work with the board of trustees to make sure that we’re following all the procedures and policies that we need to follow, provide them with the information that they need to vote on things such as the budget. And our other physical responsibilities the board votes on policies and procedures , so it’s my responsibility to bring those forward to them. As with anyone who’s the chief executive of an organization, it’s my responsibility to make sure that we’re working to achieve the mission of our college and doing what we need to do and to insure the people who pay tuition and taxes to our institution.

SK: What vision of the future do you have for KC?

LB: I want us to be the best community college ever. Anywhere, it’s important for me going forward that we continue to make sure that we’re keeping up with current technologies and providing services in a way students want to have services delivered to them. And that we keep on the cutting edge of research in higher education, what are the best practises for our students, how can we make sure that college is affordable for them, how do we make sure that we are serving our communities, our businesses, the future tnachieves and business that may come into our community district. How do we partner with other educational institutions that are here to make sure our high school students are college and career ready and after students leave Kish; that they seemingly are able to transfer to a University. One of the things we’re working on this year is redesigning our website and I’m really looking forward to that project and making sure that the information that we put forward to prospects current students. For others, it’s really good information and that our contact is up to date, user friendly and what people are looking for from us. So I think we are just going to continue to do more of what we’re doing, what we’ve been doing for the last almost four years that I’ve been there and we are going to keep serving students.

SK: What obstacles did you face on your journey to become president?

LB: To get to these positions, you have to put in time. You have to learn, you need experience and you need a lot of educations. So I wouldn’t say that I had obstacles, but I certainly had to learn a lot of things and experience a lot of things. And I was very fortunate to have the opportunities that I had that prepared me for this position.

SK: What advice do you have for students who one day want to obtain an administrative position at a convenient institution?

LB: I think again; the recognition and understand that it’s a lot of work. And that you have to put in the time I think; whenever you’re a president of a college or you’re a leader anywhere, there are some things that I think help us be successful. And one is learning to be a good listener and finding out what the people you are serving need. Work hard. None of theses jobs are easy. They take a lot of work and recognizing that you have to be open to not knowing everything, listening to others who can guide you and help you, be willing to be wrong sometimes and take a step back and just now it doesn’t come easy.

SK: What do you want the students to know about you in addition to what we’ve covered?

LB: I want the students to know that I’m a president and here at Kishwaukee College to serve them. And that’s the reason why we are here and without our students, we wouldn’t be here. So how they feel about their education, and if we’re delivering what they need and want is really important to me. I hope they’ll come to the listening sessions that I host every semester and give feedback about what’s working or not working. A lot of the changes we’ve made on campus with the phasilliohies and other things we do, because of the feedback we get from students and I think it’s really important for me as the president to hear that and I want to hear that and I want to hear from the students. So I think that’s the most important thing that I can be good at this job if I know what all of you want.

Indeed it is an honor of talking with the president of Kishwaukee College again. Dr. Borowicz works at admenstation office and is open to the feedback students give her about what is working on campus and what needs improvement. For more information about the administration of Kishwaukee College, go to