“The Act”: Review

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Hana Warren, Staff Photographer

The Act is a Hulu original that first started airing on March 20th, 2019. It is an 8 episode series.

In summary, it is about overprotective Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose, who wants to escape her mother’s toxic relationship. On her journey for freedom she falls down a rabbit hole of confusion, loss of identity, and bad influences, which ultimately leads to murder. This show is based on stranger-than-true events, but does fictionalize aspects of the story. There are also graphic scenes and should be watched at viewers discretion. Patricia Arquette and Chloe Sevigny also star in this show.

The Act is a must watch for 2019, and it isn’t even over yet. Episode 7 is to air this Wednesday. It has a rating of 91% in freshness, and receives a rating of 7.22 out of 10 via (rotten tomatoes).

Patricia Arquette completely transforms into her role as Dee Dee Blanchard, and she is almost unrecognizable. Joey King becomes Gypsy rose, through physical features, and acting. She captured the persona of Gypsy rose perfectly, and knew how to move her audience. One can see into the dynamic of this family, and understand how Dee Dee controlled and tortured her daughter.

This show was filmed beautifully and even kept some things as accurate as possible. For example; their pink house was pink in real life, and was actually built by habitat humanity. There are interesting shot angles, and the tones/hues used really expressed the emotion of the scene.

I would highly recommend The Act to any true crime fans, or anyone interested in drama/suspense. That is why I would give this show an 8/10.