My Midwest Gaming Classic 2019 Experience


Jeffrey Fleming, Cartoonist

Every year, me and my father have been attending the Midwest Gaming Classics (MGC) in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We’ve been going since 2014, and this year was no different.

It’s been two years since MGC moved to the Wisconsin Center, and this year we (my father and I) decided to try different accommodations for the event. We decided to stay at the Hilton Hotel instead of the Hyatt Regency, as both were within our budget.,We also decided to stay two nights instead of three while at Hilton.

While we were staying in the Hilton, I noticed some major differences compared to the Hyatt.

For starters, the lobby in Hilton was quite a bit different compared to the one back in Hyatt. The massive structure of the Hyatt’s lobby was reduced to a small little area. On the one hand, traveling around the hotel was a little bit less nerve-racking. On the other hand, it was way less interesting to explore the place.

A welcome surprise was Millie, the hotel’s mascot (a Goldendoodle). She was super cute, and even got to pet her!

While the Hilton didn’t have a pool at all, there’s apparently one at the Hyatt even though we weren’t able to find it when we stayed there. Other than that, our experience with Hilton was alright.


As for the actual convention itself, Saturday was quite a lot of fun! Like last time, I swung by the Vendors Hall (aka the Flea Market)  first thing. I managed to pick up cool games that I’ve been looking to pick up (while rapidly going through my budget).

I also managed to meet some really cool people while I was there! I ran across some of the YouTubers, the prominent one that I meet up with being Arlo (a blue muppet character who discusses about Nintendo products on his YouTube channel). He even signed my copy of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door!

One of the coolest people I meet while at MGC was the creator of Darkwing Duck/Rescue Rangers: Tad Stones! He was a really cool guy, and I had the very cool experience of commissioning a pencil sketch of his character Darkwing.

Asides from meeting cool people and buying game-related products, both my father and I got the chance to play a few arcade games to end the day!

Unfortunately, my experience with MGC ’19 starts to head downhill Saturday night, despite how stellar the day had been. We had gotten tickets for Star World Arcade’s after dark party event, which was scheduled to have pizza and drinks. However, we had gotten there late and they had already gone through all of the pizza.

We ended up not bothering with the party, and ended up trying a local restaurant that had some really good pasta!


Sunday, we didn’t end up staying for very long. In hindsight, it would’ve made more sense to just get tickets for one day (Saturday).


When it was all said and done, we ended up leaving around 2 pm: there was a really bad snow storm that was starting to take hold.


So that’s how my MGC ’19 experience ended or did it?

Truth be told (and not to leave this story on a sour note), we made a few pit stops to and from our trip. Rocky Rococo has always been a tradition for us when heading to MGC, and it was just as good as ever! Though I honestly didn’t care for the breadsticks as much as I did in the past.


After the event, we headed up to this cool arcade called “Garcade” that’s not too far away from the Wisconsin Center. They had some really obscure/hard to find arcade games there, and I ended up getting a really cool beanie.

Apparently they had a really cool after party, and hopefully, we’ll be able to do it next year.


Though the big stop on this trip was Ponderosa Steakhouse. It was a restaurant that my parents went to on their first date, and my father wanted to take me there to try their stuff. I was initially skeptical at first since I wasn’t sure if I really get a kick out of it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their buffet had some good stuff, and it ended up being quite a fun experience!


Overall, I would say that I had fun on the trip despite a few setbacks. The drive to and from Milwaukee was a bit longer than it had been in the past, and the time wasn’t the best for the event since I had an exam to take the following Monday, but despite all that, I still was able to have a ton of fun on Saturday! Being able to meet so many wonderful people, and being able to play so many wonderful games was really what made it a fantastic time. I will say that I’m glad to be home as the trip was especially exhausting, but no matter what, there’s always next year!